Is The Land Rover the Best Junk Removal Truck

A subsidiary of the Ford Motor Company, the Land Rover brand is one of the most popular brands and names when it comes to vehicles that are very flexible when it comes to function and to the types of roads that it can perform well on. In fact, this vehicle brand is very popular for its vehicles that are very much capable of doing off roading and capable of traversing through various rugged roads. The Land Rover is also the culprit behind the manufacturing of the first civilian all terrain utility vehicles.
The Land Rover Defender is one of these popular vehicles. It was actually manufactured, produced, and sold in the United States from 1993 up until 1995. In 1996, the production was stopped. However, after a year, the Land Rover Defender was back in business. This year, 1997, was the last year that it was produced in the United States. However, if you travel to other parts of the globe, the Land Rover Defender is still being produced and sold. The United States met this vehicle in the fall of 1992.
Also known for its abilities and its capacity to conquer off road conditions and terrain, the Land Rover Defender is one rugged vehicle. Its popularity and reputation was earned rightfully through its superb performance in endurance motor sports events that included the famous Paris-Dakar rally. The world has named this vehicle as the most versatile off road vehicle. This is due to its continuous ability to perform on different terrains especially on the off road. It has certainly lived up to its reputation. All these are because of the Land Rover Defender’s suspension and also because of its four wheel drive system.
Interested parties are given a chance to choose the measurement of the Land Rover Defender wheelbase. The choices are 90 inches, 110 inches, or 130 inches. The vehicle has also been crafted in different body styles that comprise of the Station Wagon, the Hard Top, the Single Cab Pick Up, as well as the Double Cab Pick Up. The power for this vehicle comes from a 2.5 TD 5 engine that is turbocharged and runs on diesel. Also, the Land Rover Defender is very much capable of taking in 9 passengers comfortably inside its interior.
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